State Aid Guidance Notes


[Declarations 6.a or 6.b (as applicable) in this / The Bounce Back Loan] application form require[s] you to be able to certify that you will not be exceeding the applicable State Aid limit as a result of receiving the loan you are applying for, after taking into account any other State aid received.

To calculate this, you must add together the amounts which your business, any businesses in your group and any business which you control, have already received and any for which you or they are now applying, by way of:


  • Bounce Back loans; plus
  • the Business Interruption Payments on those loans; plus
  • any other qualifying State aid payments made under Temporary Framework or under de Minimis (as applicable).


If you have received any qualifying State aid payments under the Temporary Framework, you will have received a notification of the amount of the aid.

Qualifying State aid payments which must be included in order to calculate whether you are under the threshold in declaration 6.b include any other de Minimis State aid payments received in the three years prior to your application. If you have received any de Minimis aid, you will have received a letter setting out the amount of the aid.