Why choose AIB (NI) Self-Build Mortgage?


Free Self Build Specialist

AIB (NI) is delighted to provide you with a  free Self-Build Specialist throughout the build process. This specialist will review all the documentation & visit your site at various stages of the build. Initially, they will provide a report for you on forecasted cashflow, risks, plans, insurance and more. Then they will visit at each drawdown stage to help you stay on track and on budget.

‘Interest Only’ Option

Our ‘interest only’ option is available for your construction period up to 18 months from the initial drawdown.

No Application or Booking Fees

With a AIB (NI) self-build mortgage, you won’t have an application fee or booking fee.

Stage Drawdowns

You can draw down your mortgage in up to 4 stages, depending on the size and complexity of the build.

Lending Available

AIB (NI) gives you two options when you are embarking on your Self-Build project.   Find out how much you can borrow with our mortgage calculator Affordability Calculator or give us a call on 0345 600 5925.


Option 1:

You can avail of a mortgage up to 50% of the site cost/value (whichever is lowest) and
75% of the build cost
Example: Site Cost/Value £100,000, Build Cost £200,000
Potential mortgage = £200K 

Option 2:

You own the site, and can therefore borrow 100% of the build cost.
Example: Site Cost/Value £100,000, Build Cost £200,000
Potential mortgage = £200K