Open Banking - Sharing your financial information

Under Open Banking, organisations other than your bank and you (called Third Party Providers) can access your account once you allow them to.

This is how it all works

  • Glossary

    Abbreviations   Service          Description
    AISP Account Information Service Provider An AISP gathers information from one or more of your payment accounts, even if the accounts are held with different banks, in one place.  An AISP can consolidate or aggregate your account information with your consent.
    API Application Programming Interface An API is a set of tools for apps to communicate with each other.  In open banking the APIs facilitate the exchange of data instructions safely and securely.
    ASPSP Account Servicing Payment Service Provider An ASPSP is a payment service provider (PSP) that provides and maintains a payment account for a customer. This includes banks and building societies. AIB (NI) is an example of an ASPSP.
    CBPII Card Based Payment Instrument Issuer A CBPII is a third party provider that can check to see if there is money in your online payment account.  The response we give to the third party provider is a ‘Yes’ or ’No’ answer only. This type of third party provider will never have access to your account balance.
    PISP Payment Initiation Service Provider A PISP can make payments directly from your bank account instead of using a debit or credit card with your consent.
    PSP Payment Service Provider A PSP carries out regulated payment services, such as those described in this glossary.
    SCA Strong Customer Authentication SCA is an extra layer of security for your payment account. It is sometimes called Two Factor Authentication, and it helps fight fraud.
    TPP Third Party Provider A TPP is an authorised or registered online service provider. There are different types of TPPs registered with the Financial Conduct Authority which we explain in this glossary.
  • What is a Third Party Provider (known as TPP)?

    TPPs are online service providers who can access your online payment accounts and/or make payments on your behalf, if you give them the permission to do so. There are different types of TPPs including AISPS, CBPIIs and PISPs which we explain above.


    TPPs are independent of your bank. You should check here to check whether a TPP is authorised or registered.  It is important to check this to ensure your financial information is safe and secure.  You can also check the Financial Conduct Authority’s website.

  • What accounts can I share with a Third Party Provider?

    iBusiness Banking (iBB) customers can share payment accounts.


    A payment account is any account that you can make payments to third parties from. Examples are current accounts, credit card accounts and some deposit accounts.

  • How do I use Third Party Providers?

    Linking your accounts to a Third Party Provider is done through the website of the Third Party Provider.


    The TPP has to start the process to connect to your bank account. You can give consent to the TPP to access your account information, so that they can see if there is money in your account or to allow them to make a payment on your behalf. To do this, the TPP will link you to a secure part of the AIB (NI) website (you can check the website address on our Security Centre where you use your iBB details and follow the instructions in line with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). SCA is required so that we can ensure it is you providing the authorisation to the TPP to access your account.

  • How long will a Third Party Provider have access to my accounts?

    You control the access to your accounts.  Unless you grant ongoing access to a TPP, you will have to be involved every time the TPP accesses your account.


    If you want, you can give an AISP permission to access your payment accounts for a set amount of time or indefinitely. Indefinite means the consent will never expire, however due to Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), you will need to renew this access every 90 days with us if you have allowed the TPP to access your accounts indefinitely. During this time they may access your accounts up to four times a day without your involvement.  They can also check your account activity without you having to log-on.


    Like AISPs you can also consent for a CBPII to have access to carry out a funds check on your account for a set amount of time or indefinitely. During this time, the CBPII can access your account until the date you set or you remove their access. You need to go through Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) with us to amend this access, but you don’t need to do it every 90 days for a CBPII.


    You can take access away from AISPs and CBPIIs through the ‘Manage Shared Account Informationhere on your iBB profile.


    If you are using a PISP, you have to be involved in every transaction when the PISP contacts us on your behalf.  A PISP cannot have ongoing access to your account.


    For standing orders set up through a PISP you only need to be involved for the initial set up to authorise the recurring transactions. The regular standing order payment will then automatically process without your involvement thereafter.

  • Where can I see who has access to my accounts?

    If you have given access to a TPP you can see a list here.

  • How can I remove a Third Party Provider’s access to my account?

    You can take access away from AISPs and CBPIIs through the ‘Manage Shared Account Informationhere.


    A PISP doesn’t have ongoing access to your account therefore there is not an option to remove their access .You can see the payment logs for PISP payments here.

  • What does ‘availability of funds’ mean?

    By granting access for a CBPII to carry out an availability of funds check on your account(s) this will allow the CBPII access to check with us whether the account you have selected has sufficient funds to meet a specified amount. The CBPII will never see your account balance as we will only provide them with a Yes or No answer.

  • Can I use Open Banking?

    To use Open Banking make sure you are using the new version of iBB.  You will receive information in your iBB system if you have been upgraded, or iBB Customer Support can also let you know.


    Only those with Local Administrator access to iBB can link an account or make a payment through Open Banking.


    There are some restrictions to Open Banking, but we are working to resolve these as soon as possible.


    These include:


    • If you are set up as a group of companies.
    • If you have more than 50 accounts.
    • If you have accounts outside of the United Kingdom.


    Your company can use Open Banking if your Local Administrator(s) can log in here.


    If you can’t log-in, your Local Administrator(s) can contact us at; UK +44 (0)370 243 0331. Our lines are open Mon-Fri 09:00 - 17:00 (excluding Bank Holidays).

  • Why am I getting a blank screen when trying to connect with my Third Party Provider?

    This most likely means that you are not correctly set up to connect to a TPP. There are some checks you can do to ensure you have the right iBB access for this.


     You must be a Local Administrator with the following permissions in iBB:


    • User Maintenance
    • Admin – Validation


    You can check these by going to the Local Admin menu in iBB and look at the user profile of the person trying to grant consent to a TPP.


    If you have these permissions in iBB and are still experiencing a blank screen please contact our iBB Customer Support Team who can look into this for you. You can contact the Customer Support Team on UK +44 (0)370 243 0331. Our lines are open Mon-Fri 09:00 - 17:00 (excluding Bank Holidays).

  • Talk to Us

    If you have any questions, call us on; UK +44 (0)370 243 0331. Our lines are open Mon-Fri 09:00 - 17:00 (excluding Bank Holidays).


    Call charges may vary, please refer to your phone service provider.