Sustainable development is necessary to secure a future that meets our current needs as well as the needs of future generations. This is why sustainability is a key pillar of AIB UK’s business strategy – we are keenly aware of our role to engage and support our customers and other stakeholders to achieve a more sustainable tomorrow.

Global climate extremes are now occurring at a rate unlike any we have encountered in our lifetime, so we continue to embed sustainability across the organisation to advance our internal transformation while supporting the transition to a low carbon economy for our customers.

We pledge to DO MORE to be a responsible and sustainable business in the communities and businesses we support across Northern Ireland and Great Britain. 

Colin Hunt, Chief Executive Officer at AIB

Hilary Gormley, Managing Director of AIB UK

Sustainable Communities Strategy & Progress

Sustainability Report 2022 – Climate & Environment

Climate & Environment      

We’re reducing our own carbon footprint and committing to being Net Zero by 2030. We’re supporting our customers and communities in their transition to a low-carbon economy with an ambition that green and transition products will account for 70% of all new lending by 2030.

Sustainability Report 2022 - Economic & Social Inclusion

Economic & Social Inclusion

We aspire to contribute and advocate for a fairer society that is socially and economically inclusive. We do this by providing finance for social housing, supporting charities through our Community Fund, and by developing partnerships with organisations that support our customers’ interests and needs.

Sustainability Report 2022 - Future Proof Business

Future Proof Business 

Our future sustainability depends on our ongoing investment in our business, people and processes. We want to provide positive experiences for all our customers by creating an attractive place to work for our staff and investing in the resilience of our business. We are focused on keeping our systems resilient and our data secure.

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See the Sustainability section of our UK Annual Financial Report HERE


AIB Sustainability Conference, 'No Time To Waste', 2022

AIB Group Sustainability Performance and ESG Ratings

Sustainability Report 2022 – Complete

Sustainability Report 2022 – Complete

AIB Group plc have published their annual detailed Sustainability Report for the year ended 31 December 2022. Read more about their progress and journey to date.



The international environmental impact non-profit organisation CDP highlighted AIB Group plc as a global leader in corporate climate action. AIB Group plc has achieved the Leadership rating since 2017. Click here to view our 2022 response.

S&P Global

S&P Global 

In the 2022 Corporate Sustainability Assessment, AIB Group plc achieved a score of 69/100 (2021: 70/200) which, as at 16 Dec 2022, placed us in the 93rd percentile of banks (2021: 87th percentile). AIB Group plc is also listed as a member of the S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook 2023.



On 11th October 2022, MSCI confirmed AIB Group plc's AA Leader rating.*



Since July 2020 AIB Group plc has been a member of the FTSE4Good Index Series which identifies companies demonstrating strong ESG practices measured against globally recognised standards. You can find out more here.



In June 2022 AIB Group plc received an ESG Risk Rating of 11.0 and was assessed by Morningstar Sustainalytics to be Low Risk of experiencing material financial impacts from ESG factors. AIB Group plc was also ranked by Sustainalytics as 44 out of 1,001 Banks. AIB Group plc is also a Sustainalytics ESG Industry Top Rates and Regional Top Rated company for 2023.** ​

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