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    International payments and new iBB

    Exciting news! We’ve removed the module fee for International payments and they’re now available on your new iBB. To access new iBB, click on the ‘Use New iBB’ button at the bottom of your menu.


    We’ve made it even easier to make payments on your new iBB, with all payments now carried out on one screen. Once in new iBB, go to the Payments dropdown menu along the top and select Pay/Transfer to make a payment. Then, when inputting the payment details, search for the currency you want to send or select an option from the list – try it out for yourself.

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    The way you authorise FX payments on iBB is changing

    From May 2020 your FX (foreign exchange) payments will need to be authorised individually and not as part of a group authorisation. We have made this change in response to European Commission regulation that aims to give customers additional information on the charges associated with these payments.


    This change will apply to all customers making FX payments on iBB. This will include payments being made with a live FX rate, Dealer Rate and/or a Forward Contract.


    When you select your FX payments from the ‘Authorisation’ screen you will now be brought to a final confirmation screen. This screen shows the rate applied and additional information about the estimated costs of your payment. From there, enter an OTC (One Time Code) as usual to authorise your payment.

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    Email Scam Warning

    The Bank has been made aware of new types of email fraud attempts. Criminals are sending emails:


    • Purporting to be from a Supplier to their Customers. The email advises that the Supplier has changed their bank account number and that all future payments should be made to the new account, which belongs to the criminal, and
    • Which spoof the From: field, so the email appears to be from a Manager/Director/Senior Staff Member within the company. The email is requesting the receiver to ‘complete a bank transfer to an overseas account’ and appears to be sent from the email Manager's account. 
      • A subsequent mail is then sent from the ‘Manager’ with the receiving account details, which belong to the criminal.


    If you receive such an email, we would recommend that you take the following steps:


    • Contact the Supplier / Manager/ Director etc using the existing agreed number to verify the request
    • Check the email address – it may be different to the genuine one
    • Do Not use the email ‘reply’ function, from within the received email
    • Never open attachments to an email unless you are satisfied the emails are genuine
    • Please look for any wording/grammar/tone that would be unusual for your company; e.g. request to complete/sort a “financial obligation” or a “wire transfer”.
    • Check the time stamp on any emails, as this can sometimes indicate an email coming from somewhere it shouldn’t.
    • Ensure that all your iBB Users are aware of this threat and that they should report any suspicious activity immediately.

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    Phone Scam Warning

    The Bank has been notified of a Phone Scam currently targeting our customers. Reports received to the Bank indicate that:


    • Fraudsters purporting to be from AIB (NI) have been targeting customers asking them to make test payments from their account.   
    • Callers claim that they are calling on behalf of AIB (NI).
    • Callers claim that they are calling on behalf of AIB (NI) and can fake the caller identification to make it look as if the call is from a legitimate source. 


    The Bank reminds customers to be vigilant and aware of such calls - they are not genuine.


    • AIB (NI) will never request you to make payments from your account to any account.
    • AIB (NI) will never request you to provide your security details. 
    • If you suspect that a call may be fraudulent, or are unsure about the source of a call please hang up and call AIB (NI).

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Security or Fraud

Please note that we will NEVER request any log in or personal details via email. If you have received an email asking for your Online Banking / iBusiness Banking details please forward the email you received to alert@aib.ie and then immediately delete the email. DO NOT click on any links in the email.


This email address (alert@aib.ie) is a collection point for notifications of potential ONLINE FRAUD (for example if you receive an email that appears to be from us, which you believe to be bogus).

For further information regarding security and iBB please visit our Security Centre.



Help Centre and Online Forms

For detailed information on iBB and to find all iBB related forms, visit our Help Centre where you will also find a range of demo videos on iBB.



iBB Forms 

For all iBB related forms, please visit the Online Forms section of our Help Centre.