iBusiness Banking (iBB) Security Centre

In 2017, £755 million was lost to financial fraud, but we can all help to lower this figure by remembering one simple action – to stop and think.

That’s why the Take Five campaign – led by Financial Fraud Action UK Ltd - is encouraging the nation to do just that; to take time to stop, step back and think before they act.

Current Security Alerts

At AIB (NI) we take security seriously. We aim to protect you against the threats associated with internet fraud. Here, you will find details of specific current security threats to our iBusiness Banking customers and alerts that you should be aware of.

Text Scam Alert


Fraudsters are targeting customers like you by sending text messages claiming to be AIB and/or other legitimate companies. These messages request you click a link to review or block a fraudulent transaction on your account or that you are locked out of your account.  You will also be asked to input codes from your Card reader or divulge One Time Passcodes (OTP).


These text messages are fraudulent.

  • NEVER disclose your Registration Number or Personal Access Code (PAC) or card information after clicking a link on a text.
  • NEVER generate codes from your AIB Card Reader when they are requested by a text message.
  • NEVER divulge your OTP for Card transactions.


If you have received such a call or text message and have disclosed any information, please contact us immediately.


For further guidance and useful tips on how to stay better protected from all types of Fraud, do refer to the UK Government ‘TakeFive’ advice, and remember to ‘Stop. Think. Challenge’.



You are at risk of your Online Banking being taken over and misused by criminals if you do not keep your software up to date. 

Use Anti-Virus software, ensure you are using supported browsers and operating systems and make sure you apply software updates.

Phone Scam Warning


We are aware that fraudsters are contacting customers of AIB (NI)/AIB GB along with other banks requesting security details or asking customers to transfer money.


We would remind you that our staff will never ask for your security credentials or to transfer money.

Malware Screens on iBB


We are aware of attempted fraud on iBB; screens that look like iBB screens are being used in an attempt to trick customers into making fraudulent payments.


AIB (NI) will NEVER ask you to key codes, presented to you on a screen, in to your Digipass.  


Please remain vigilant of fraudulent activity. 


How do you know that you are under attack?

  • Bogus iBB screens or pop up windows asking you to key details into your iBB Digipass (see the screen below)
  • Your PC slows down while using iBB – particularly at logon.
  • Suspicious phone calls are received purporting to be from AIB regarding iBB – asking you to create codes on your Digipass, perform test payments and/or authorise payments.
Remember : Always check that the Beneficiairy details for payments you are authorising are legitimate.

Example of a bogus iBB screen

While the screen below may look authentic, it is an example of a fraudster attempting to get security information from you to make a payment