How do I make an International Payment?


iBusiness Banking

An International Payment is a payment made to an account held in another country.

NB: Make sure you have the IBAN/Account information for the beneficiary account as it will be required to make a payment. To create a beneficiary using these details, please refer to 'Getting  Started - How do I set up a Beneficiary? 

Go to Payments, click on International and select the type of International payment you wish to make. Enter the requested information.

You will need to confirm your request with your Digipass.

To check the status of your payment, click on Payment Logs.

For payment cut off times, go to the Payment Information menu and in iBB and click on International Payments or click here to view them now.

Please note: When creating a Beneficary to make a payment within the SEPA zone, the BIC will be added automatically based on the Beneficiary IBAN entered. If a BIC cannot be found for the IBAN entered, you will then be prompted to enter the corresponding BIC.

When creating a Benefiary to make a payment outside the SEPA zone, the required account details are specific to the country you are paying.

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