Important changes to Terms and Conditions

Why are there changes to the terms and conditions?

Currently, to help prevent fraud we send you a text message if we need you to confirm a card transaction.

We ask you to reply with `Y’ if the transaction was yours, or `N’ if you do not recognise it. From late September this will change and we will ask you to reply with `1’ if the transaction is yours or `9’ if not.

When replying to this message you are confirming that the card transaction was made by you. You should always check your receipt or go back to the shopping site to check that your transaction was completed successfully. We are amending the terms and conditions to allow for this change.

Other key changes we are making:

  • We have updated the definition of Contactless and how you may confirm these transactions to allow for new ways of using Contactless.
  • We are combining the Options 1 Visa, Options 2 Visa, and Visa Gold, Student Visa and Ascent Visa terms and conditions into one set of terms and conditions.
  • We may refuse or prevent gambling or betting transactions on a credit card.
  • We may refuse or prevent gambling or betting transactions if you are under age using a debit card.

What terms and conditions are affected?

  • All Personal Credit Card Terms and Conditions
  • Personal Banking (current, select deposit and youth account) Terms and Conditions
    (personal debit card terms are included within these)
  • Business Accounts Terms and Conditions
  • Business Credit Card Terms and Conditions
  • Business Debit Card Terms and Conditions

Changes to the terms and conditions take effect from 22nd September 2022.

What do you need to do?

You should take some time to read these changes and please share this information with any additional cardholders (authorised users) on your account. 

For more information

The full updated Terms and Conditions are available in the links below. 

Terms and Conditions and Summary of important changes documents