International Payments.

When you need to make an International Payment you want to be sure that it will reach the receiver efficiently and cost effectively.

For business customers you can make an International Payment in all major currencies to most destinations worldwide on a Standard or Urgent basis through iBB (Internet Business Banking). Click here to find out more.

To make an International Payment other than through iBB you must complete a Paylink or SEPA Credit Transfer paper application Form and submit it through any branch of AIB (NI) or post to AIB NI 92 Ann Street,  Belfast,  BT1 3HH for processing. You must hold a AIB (NI) account to complete a payment.

Please note these forms are updated from time to time.  To ensure you are using the correct version, please download the form from our website on each occasion you wish to make an International Payment.

What do you need to do?

Print the Paylink or SEPA Credit Transfer application form and complete the form in BLOCK capitals. 
Please read through the International Payment application form to ensure all details are correct and sign to confirm your instruction and acceptance of the International Payment Terms & Conditions. 
Once completed, you can take the form to your nearest AIB branch or post it to AIB NI 92 Ann Street,  Belfast,  BT1 3HH


What happens next?

When the Paylink or SEPA Credit Transfer application form is received by us, a member of staff will check the details on the form to ensure all sections are completed fully.

The receiver account number must be in IBAN format for SEPA Credit Transfer instructions. Please refer to the below FAQ’s for further information on IBAN.

A member of staff may contact you to confirm the details of the payment.

An exchange rate may be applied to the payment.  If the payment is in excess of £20,000 we will request a special exchange rate from our Treasury team.  You will be advised of this rate by telephone.

You must ensure you have sufficient funds in your account to cover the payment and the charge.  If there are not sufficient funds in your account the payment will not be sent.

What is the difference between SEPA Payments and International Payments?

Payment Type Description When to use Fees and Charges

SEPA Payment

(Single Euro Payment Area) 

(SEPA form)
This is a Euro payment made using the SEPA system  Payments can take up to 2 working days to clear in the account Any euro payment going to the SEPA Zone* can go as a SEPA payment  Note: if the Bank you are paying is not part of the SEPA scheme you will need to do an international payment  See our fees & charges brochure  

International Payment

 (PayLink form) 

International Payment means transferring funds, in any currency, from or to an account to another account outside of the UK, or transferring funds from or to another account inside the UK in any currency other than Sterling. For payment which includes a foreign currency.   See our fees & charges brochure 

*for SEPA Zone countries see ‘Where can I send SEPA credit transfer payment to’


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