Separating from a partner can be a difficult time and there is a lot to consider.


We have listed some information below to help make managing your joint finances a little less stressful.

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    Joint Accounts

    If we become aware there is a dispute between the joint account holders, such as a separation or divorce, we will apply the necessary holds to your funds in order to protect the interests of both parties.


    We will only allow payments when both of the joint account holders have told us how they want the account to be used in the future. Please contact us as soon as you can to discuss how the account should operate going forward.  This will ensure all critical payments continue to be made.

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    Additional cards on a credit card

    Please contact us regarding any additional cards held by your partner on your credit card account, that you would like us to cancel.


    This is important, as the credit card account will be in your name only and you will therefore be liable for all of the money borrowed on that account, whether it is from your own card or your parnters.

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    Working out options for your Mortgages

    If you are going through a divorce you need to keep paying your mortgage, even if you have moved out of the family home. Both partners on a joint mortgage are equally liable for the money borrowed so it is important to ensure that payments do not stop as this could lead to your home being repossessed.


    Work out your options

    There are a number of options available to you following a divorce or separation.  You may decide to keep the property and continue to pay the existing mortgage or obtain a new mortgage in your sole name.  Alternatively, you may choose to move out and sell the property.  You should seek professional advice on the matter to allow you to make an informed decision which is in the best interests of both parties.

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Give us a call


Please let us know as soon as you can about your separation, especially if you think you may have difficulty meeting your mortgage payments.


Give us a call today on 0345 6005 925 (Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm).


We will work with couples going through divorce or separation to help ease the added financial strain you may encounter.