How do I know if I can dispute a transaction


There are many reasons why you might dispute a transaction and get your money back. Here are some of the most common disputes that we might be able to help you with through the Visa dispute process.

  • You ordered goods and have not received them.
  • You purchased a service and the provider has cancelled it or cannot provide it.
  • You cancelled an order or a service and are entitled to a refund under the cancellation policy.
  • You cancelled a subscription payment and are still being charged.
  • You ordered goods but have received the wrong goods or damaged or defective goods.
  • You have been overcharged; the amount appearing on your statement is higher than that on your invoice or receipt.
  • You requested cash at an ATM machine and have been charged but no cash was dispensed.
  • You have seen a transaction on your statement which you did not authorise (In this case phone us immediately on Freephone 0800 0391 140 or 028 9033 0099) .

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