What information do you need from me when I dispute a transaction?


The first thing you should do is try to solve your dispute directly with the service provider. This is important because for most disputes you will be asked to provide proof that you have tried to solve your issue with the service provider first. Below is a summary table that lists the information we need for the most common types of disputes. It is best to give us this information as soon as you can so we can help get your money back because the Visa dispute process has a strict timeframe in which you can dispute a payment.

What type of a dispute is it Documents we need to see.
I didn't get the goods or services I ordered.
  • Proof that you contacted the shop, supplier or seller, for example an email, letter or fax
  • Copy of an invoice if there is one. If there isn't one, describe what you tried to buy
  • If you were dealing with a travel operator or an airline that has gone into liquidation we need proof that the transaction is not covered by a bonding authority
I didn't get a refund when i was supposed to
  • Once 15 days have passed since the transaction and you still have not received the refund, send us the receipt for the refund from the sales terminal
I have cancelled a transaction with a retailer and keep getting charged a recurring amount
  • Proof that you tried to cancel it before it was charged
I received counterfeit goods
  • Describe the goods you tried to buy.
  • Tell us if the goods are held or destroyed by Customs
  • Send us a copy of the invoice or order confirmation
  • Proof that the goods are counterfeit, or that the online shop is not genuine, from the owner of the brand, or Customs or an expert
I got a refund but it was not enough because of currency conversion
  • Tell us why you were getting a refund in the first place

You can only dispute this charge when the refund was due to a mistake by the shop or seller, not when they were refunding you because you cancelled a transaction, for example.

I received goods that were damaged or defective
  • Describe what the goods were and what was wrong with them
  • The invoice, if ther eis one
  • Show that you contacted the shop or seller to try and fix the problem
  • Show that you sent the goods back by recorded delivery
I cancelled the order
  • Show that you cancelled the order and returned the goods if you had already received them
  • The shop or sellers cancellation policy
  • Show that you contacted the shop or seller to try and fix the problem
  • Tell us what happened and show us as much proof as you can. The more you tell us the better we may be able to help you


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