AIB Group (UK) p.l.c – Gender Diversity

When we signed up to the charter in 2017 we had 39% Female representation in our Senior Management population, this year we have 48%.  This represents a significant rebalancing of our business over that period. We are very proud of our success but are not complacent.  We are still striving and committed to meeting and maintain our target which we had always set at an ambitious 50:50.

We are consciously viewing everything we do through a Gender Balance lens.

Our Gender Balance Programme strives for better balance in pay, participation and promotions across our organisation.

What we have done to date has proven very successful and we will continue adopting initiatives in support of gender balance, including our outstanding family friendly policies.

AIB remains committed to and focussed on accelerating the inclusion and diversity agenda, including gender balance, and is proud to have made great progress in building a culture of inclusivity.  


In addition, our 2022 gender pay gap details can be found here and our 2021 gender pay gap details can be found here