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This form is only to be completed if you already have a COVID-19 3 month Payment Holiday.

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In order for the 3 month Payment Holiday, Term Extension or a Partial Repayment Period request to be effective before your next scheduled repayment date, please ensure that you submit this form at least 7 working days before that date

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Section 3 - Your payment holiday request

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If you are applying for a further Payment Holiday, it is important to note that when your extended three month Payment Holiday ends, we will increase your monthly repayments over the remaining term of your mortgage to spread the cost of what you weren’t paying during the six months over the original term of your mortgage. Alternatively at the end of your Payment Holiday, you can apply for a six month extension to your mortgage term.

If applying for a term extension, it is important to note that if you extend the term of your mortgage it will increase the cost of credit and this means you will pay more interest over the term of the mortgage. Term extensions are only available to customers who are returning to full Capital & Interest repayment on expiry of their Payment Holiday.

You can also make partial repayments on your mortgage for the next three months if you can afford to do so. You can decide how much you can pay.



Section 3 - Your payment holiday request

If you have been furloughed as a result of COVID-19 please attach a copy of any correspondence you have received from your employer (if applicable)


    Please do not add authorisation signatures to the documents you are uploading. Once the document has been received and validated we will return via DocuSign for your electronic signature(s).


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