AIB (NI) Social Media Privacy Statement

When we communicate on social media channels our communications are public and so are any posts and comments that you may make. Your posts and comments may also show up in search-engine results, for example Google.

You should only communicate information that you are happy to have published in the public domain.

You should protect your privacy and your confidential information. It is dangerous to include any bank account details, financial information or other sensitive information in any content you post on our social media accounts.

The privacy policies, statements and guidance published by Social Media Networks apply to your use of our accounts under those networks. We encourage you to read the privacy policies and guidance published on each Social Media Network that you use, as these make important disclosures about how the Social Media Networks separately collect, hold and may use your content and information.

We use a third-party platform to manage our social media interactions with you. If you send a comment or direct message to our social media accounts, we will see all this information and decide how we manage it. This is how we may use the information that you place on our social media accounts:


Customer Service

We can help to resolve any questions you might have but we will not be able to discuss anything specific to your account. To help answer some questions, we may ask you to provide more information. In these instances, we will ask you to send us a private message.

We will use any personal information you give to us solely to respond to and deal with your comments or questions, or for such other purpose for which you give it to us. We won’t share your information with any other third party but we may share it internally to help resolve your issue or question.


Community Management

If you use our social media accounts to enter competitions, free prize draws or to post comments, photographs or other content, please be aware that the content may be public and may be seen or shared by anyone. We would encourage you to review your privacy settings before you post.

We may ask promotion winners to take part in promotional activity and we may ask to use your information, including your name and the contents of your submissions, in any publicity both online and in any other media. In these instances, we will send you a private message.


Social Listening and Insights

Social listening involves the gathering of feedback and information from social media channels to collate insights and themes about us and our industry. We use this information to help us to better understand how we can improve our products and services. All personal information and feedback is anonymised. These insights may include, but are not limited to:

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Demographical analysis
  • Engagement on our social media accounts
  • Social media question analysis

You will find further more about your rights, when they apply and our responsibility to you, here.

Last updated: 2 February 2022