Income and expenditure form

Help and Guidance

If you have spoken to us about your mortgage and an Income and Expenditure form is required you can access useful information here.

The information provided in the Income and Expenditure form is vital in helping both AIB (NI) and our customers to understand their current financial situation.

This form identifies your current income, your living expenses plus other expenditure and financial commitments that you may have.

It is important that you complete this form accurately and as soon as possible.  The sooner you send us the completed form and the supporting documents, the sooner we can review your circumstances, and carry out an accurate assessment of your repayment ability to enable us to determine an appropriate forbearance measure.


Accessing the form

  • You can call us on 028 9082 1682 and we can complete the form over the phone. In preparation for the call please ensure you read the guidance below.
  • You can call us on 028 9082 1682 and provide us with your details so we can send you the form via Docusign. This will enable us to return the form electronically and allow you to upload the relevant supporting documents detailed below.
  • You can request a copy to be emailed or posted to you by phoning 028 9082 1682 or e-mailing
  • Download theincome and Expenditure form. and return to the address below with all the relevant supporting documents detailed below


Completing the form

When preparing to complete this form, we recommend that you gather all your relevant information and documentation together (for example, bills, statements, pay-slips etc.) so that you have everything to hand.

All borrowers named on the loan account must complete their information and all borrowers must submit the required supporting documentation outlined below.

If preferable, borrowers of a joint account may complete and submit the form and supporting documents separately.

Our team are here to help.  If you would like assistance completing the form, please call us on 028 9082 1682.  


Supporting documentation required

We require you to provide the below documentation along with your Income and Expenditure form, please note we assess each case on an individual basis and may request additional information from you:

  • Your last 3 months’ payslips or your last 3 years certified accounts if you are self-employed
  • Your last 3 months’ bank statements for all the accounts you have.
  • If you have a credit card, your last 3 months’ credit card statements
  • Evidence of any benefits you receive
  • Evidence of any rental income you receive (e.g. a rental agreement)
  • Copies of any loan or hire purchase agreements
  • Evidence of any savings (i.e. statements) or investments (i.e. policy documents) you have

If you are unable to provide any of the supporting documents, please contact our team on 028 9082 1682 so we can talk through your options.


Submitting your form and documents

You can return the form and supporting documentation via email to , or if you prefer you can post to;

Retail Financial Solutions Group,
92 Ann Street,

If the income & expenditure form is sent to you via docusign it will be returned in the same way.

† Calls may be recorded. Call charges may vary - refer to your service provider.