We all know that sage green is the 2022 ‘it’ colour, but how else can you introduce greenery to your home?

We recently caught up with one of our business customers Malcolm McCully, owner of Dundonald Nurseries in Belfast to find out more about indoor shrubs and we were so impressed with the power of plants that we had to visit Malcolm at the dedicated Indoor Plant showroom to find out more.

The big question now is what plant will best suit your living space and needs? Never fear, expert advice is at hands as Malcolm countdowns his top indoor plant choices. From slow growing and love maintenance plants to trees that need bright light and TLC, there is something for every home.


Aka snake plant or mother in law’s tongue

The snake plant doesn’t need a lot of water, great for those with busy lifestyles who may forgot to give their plants a little TLC!

It does however like bright light so perfect for brightening up windowsills.

Easy to care for, the snake plant has an average life span of 5 – 10 years but can last up to 25!



Available in a range of sizes – from small varieties to tall trees - the yucca plant likes full light but will also grow in low light. With long, spindly leaves, the yucca is perfect for those who want to make a statement in their homes.

While it doesn’t need a lot of water, owners need to watch out for brown leaves which could point to overwatering or wet roots that could make your plant sick.



The Bonsai tree has long been respected in the ancient art of Feng Shui for their ability to draw life energies into a room. They can be pruned by their owners to create beautiful living art!

Bonsai need direct sunlight, 5-10 hours daily and need frequent watering. With the right care though they can live to over 100 years. A true friend for life and surely a talking point for any home.



The dragon tree is perfect for homes or apartments with low light as they thrive in shady areas. They prefer underwatering to overwatering so a great plant for those who want to test their green fingers! Dragon trees are slow growing and very easy to maintain.



With light green and long leaves, aloe vera can draw the eye in any room. The leaves can also be harvested to create a soothing skin moisturiser.

Low maintenance, aloe vera only need watered every three weeks.



Quick growing, the sword fern can add texture to your room with its soft, hazy ferns drawing the eye. While it’s leaves may be prone to browning, regular trims will keep it looking ship shape! It’s also great value for money with ferns known to live for over one hundred years!



The peace lily likes indirect light and shade – it will even grow in rooms with no windows!  With beautiful while flowers and green stocks, the peace lily can help bring calmness to a room while it also filters indoor air!

To find out more about indoor plants, you can visit Dundonald Nurseries at 70 Old Dundonald Road, Belfast and follow the nursery on social media. Dundonald Nurseries is also home to a 125-seater restaurant, a function space and a retail outlet with children’s, ladies’, and gents’ clothing alongside an extensive range of gifts and homeware.  You can find out more about the business here: https://dundonaldnurseries.co.uk/

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