At McAteer Solutions Estate Agents, we are still witnessing a steady flow of demand for residential property across Northern Ireland and have just experienced our busiest December to date! Demand in the market is currently much greater than supply, so unfortunately for some people the search can be a long one.

The new year typically sees new property come onto the market and we are hoping this will help to relieve the shortage, alongside new developments that are reaching completion across the country. With the combination of new developments and new property hitting the market in 2022, there will certainly be more choice for home-movers and an increase of first-time buyers looking to jump onto the property market.

Selling or buying your property should be a very simple process and whether you’re a home mover, first-time buyer or investor, you have to be financially ready to jump onto the property ladder. Our first tip for entering the property market in 2022 would be to plan ahead by getting all your documentation ready and the earlier you can speak to your bank, the better!

For existing homeowners who are thinking of selling, speak to your estate agent before you decide to carry out any improvements or renovation to your home. Estate Agents such as ourselves provide expert advice on next steps, as often what people think they need to do, they don’t – and vice versa!

Here are our top ten house buying tips for 2022:

  1. Be deposit ready.
  2. Get mortgage approved and have a mortgage in principle to hand.
  3. Sample plenty of property and book several viewings and keep your options open.
  4. Keep in touch with your estate agent for any new potential property coming onto the market.
  5. Be prepared to be flexible with your expectations, you may not always get what you want with your new home.
  6. View different locations and house types as you may find better property deals.
  7. Do not sit back on the property market, show interest early and bid early as you may lose out.
  8. Enjoy the process and communicate well with your lender, solicitor and estate agent.
  9. If selling your property speak to an estate agent and your solicitor early to ensure you have all the documentation you need complete a sale on time – these early checks will speed the process and avoid any disappointments along the way.
  10. Most importantly – be chain free if possible as this will increase your chances due to a busy market.
Olga McAteer MBA

Founder Of McAteer Solutions Estate Agents

Offices in Belfast, Toomebridge & Dungiven

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