Top tips for refreshing your interior style this spring with Paul Moneypenny

With Spring just around the corner, what better time to think about refreshing your home with some new interior features? Whether you are ready for a complete revamp or just want to add a few signature pieces, here are my top tips for getting your home Spring ready.

Add a splash of colour

A noticeable shift in interior style recently has been a move away from the minimal look. We’re starting to see a lot more colour being brought back into homes and in my opinion it’s something people shouldn’t be afraid of! It can be easy to opt for neutrals and greys but exploring other colour combinations can make your space feel really unique.

An easy way to transition from neutrals into colour is to opt for deep jewel tones such as navy blues and emerald greens. Choosing furniture in these colours can be a great option, as not only are they easy to style, but they are timeless pieces that can act as a focal point for a room. There are a host of different colour combinations that can work with jewel tones depending on how daring you want to go. A navy blue for example could be styled with cream, fuchsia pink or even acid yellow and each of these combinations can bring a different look and feel to your space. 

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Another great way to work colour into your space is through your décor and accessories. This can be an inexpensive way to refresh a room without replacing furniture and is also a great way for renters to add their stamp to their home. An entire room’s colour scheme can even be centred around just one statement piece you like the look of. A great way to create a statement piece on a budget is to think about upcycling something you already own or to look in vintage or second-hand shops. A fresh lick of paint or some new upholstery is an easy DIY way to give a piece of furniture a new lease of life and of course help the environment and reduce waste.

You could also consider adding art to your space - gallery walls are an on-trend way to tie a colour scheme together, with pops of an accent colour that appear in other pieces in your room.

Think about texture 

Something that people often don’t consider is the importance of texture within a room. The fabrics and fixtures you choose can all play a part in your overall style. A really easy way to add different textures to your space is by using wallpaper. Wallpapers that mimic the effect of panelling or rattan have become increasingly popular and can be a cheap way to add a luxury hotel style finish to your walls. 

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Another renter-friendly way to bring texture in is through your fabrics and soft furnishings. Consider the look and feel you want for the space before shopping for soft furnishings, to help you narrow down your search. By searching online for inspiration, it can help you to select pieces that will be a good investment and help you achieve the look you want. The benefit of soft furnishings is that they can also help keep your home warm and make you feel cosy. Curtains are also a great draught excluder while also bringing texture to your home.

Bring the outdoors in 

Botanical and tropical prints are definitely here to stay and bringing a print into your home can help to add that much-needed life to a dull space. Adding a few cushions and throws in a fun Mediterranean inspired print is an easy way to bring your home straight into the spring/summer season. 

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If you can’t find the exact print you’re looking for, a great option is to choose a fabric you love and have some bespoke pieces made. Fabric on the roll is a great option for those who want to add a unique print into their home and there are fabrics available to suit all budgets. These types of fabrics are perfect for cushion covers and curtains and can allow you to get an exact match with the colour schemes you already have in your home. 

Another great way to add some life to your home is by adding greenery and bringing the outside in. Check out your local garden centres for expert advice on what plants will work in your space.

Get inspired 

Taking time to plan out what you want to do with your space is the most important part of decorating. You can get your inspiration from anywhere - whether you are using an online tool to create a vision board, browsing social media, or cutting pictures out of a magazine. This will ensure you are focused and don’t impulse buy when shopping for new pieces. 

People often think they have to take inspiration from what they see in other homes and that can be great, but you can also take inspiration from fashion. The trends that you see on the runway are usually what will translate into interior trends around 6 months later, so that can be a great way to stay ahead of the curve. Especially with retro prints making their comeback, the 60s and 70s home styles have become more popular.

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Paul Moneypenny is a Belfast based interior designer, who specialises in all things wallpaper. He is best known for his appearance on BBC series Interior Designer Masters. To keep up with Paul’s latest recommendations on trending home style follow his Instagram @moneypennyinteriors.