Moving into a new home can be an exciting time, but whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned home switcher, moving can be a daunting process!

To help take the stress out of moving, we caught up with recent first time buyer Francesca McKee - better known to her Instagram followers as @Frans_Travels – and put together a moving day survival guide, jam packed with useful hints and tips.

Juggling a career in engineering with content creation and a popular blog, Fran thrives on being busy and organised!  With a quick turnaround time of just two months from getting sale agreed to moving into her new home, she has become an expert in all things moving house.

Here are Frans’ top tips for staying organised and in control during the process.

Break up the workload

Whilst it may be tempting to dedicate entire days to packing, this can make the workload feel like an overwhelming task. Instead spend a few hours packing a couple of days a week in the run up to your moving date. This makes the process feel much more manageable. Make a list of jobs to get done – whether that’s sorting out your clothes or packing up your glassware - and get them ticked off one by one.

Labelling and logistics

Decide early on if you will hire a moving company, rent a van or move boxes and items yourself or with the help of family and friends. Maybe you’ll do a mix of all of these options.  Regardless of how you choose to move, organise this early so you can research and schedule movers as well as friends.

Standardised boxes can also be helpful as they are easy to stack and store. Don’t forget a marker to label your boxes. I found it helpful to write on all sides to save moving heavier items to find that all important kettle!

Separate out the essentials

When you have so many boxes it can be hard to find the little things you’ll need on moving day. Pack a separate bag with the essentials like scissors, keys, tape and phone chargers to save time hunting around whilst packing and unpacking. A clear food bag can be handy for this as you can see what you’re looking for.

It is also helpful to pack a small overnight bag for yourself with a change of clothes, toothbrush and toiletries so you can be ready to relax without emptying out all the boxes!

Hold the door

A small item which can be a big help on moving day is doorstoppers! There is nothing more frustrating than carrying boxes and having to put them down to open doors as you move out and move in.

Raise the roof

Create a moving day playlist to help keep your energy and mood up on those trips in and out of the house with boxes!

Food on the go

Something you can do to ease the moving in process is to arrange a food shop to arrive on the day you move in. This will save you the hassle of nipping out to the shops and ensure you have all the cupboard essentials you’ll need. Maybe even include a few treats to reward yourself after a hard day of unpacking! Don’t forget to have breakfast pre-made on moving day itself too and add a snack to your essentials bag.

Beanbags are your best friend

If you have to wait on your furniture being delivered after your move in day, think about temporary furniture solutions that you could even borrow from friends and family. Large cushions and beanbags can be a lifesaver, allowing you to enjoy your new living room in comfort. Garden furniture can also double up as a desk or dining table temporarily. Home comforts such as candles and blankets can also help to make your space feel more homely when you first move in.

Ask about utilities

An essential question to ask your estate agent when moving into a house is if the utilities are set up with a specific provider and how to get these changed into your name. This is something that can easily be forgotten about in the excitement of the move, and it saves the hassle of ringing around different companies to find out the details.

Make your lists early

It can be tempting to go on a huge shop prior to moving in, but a more cost-efficient way is to go around each room and make a list of what you actually need. Creating a spreadsheet can not only help you keep control of your spending but can also let you keep track of what you’ve still to buy. Recording costs as you go along can also be handy if you need to split the bill with your partner or housemate.  Charity and second hand shops as well as re-sell websites like eBay, Gumtree and Facebook marketplace can also be a cost-effective way to kit out your new home sustainably.

Enjoy the process!

Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the process! Whilst moving house can be stressful, it’s also an exciting time. Don’t forget to take regular breaks and enjoy making your house a home. Take photos and document moving out and moving in to help celebrate and remember this momentous moment.

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