Incorporating indoor plants and foliage into our homes can be a great way to refresh a room while also helping us to connect with nature

To find out more about the benefits of indoor plants we caught up with one of our business customers, Malcolm McCully, owner of Dundonald Nurseries in Belfast.

Established in 1963, Dundonald Nurseries is one of Northern Ireland’s largest garden nurseries distributing plants to over 250 retailers including Tesco, the Henderson Group and other independent outlets.  From repotting planters for customers while they wait to creating bespoke hanging baskets, Malcolm’s knowledge of plants covers both the outdoors and in.

Malcolm gave us the inside track on the advantages of being green fingered at home. Check out his top five benefits below.

1.    Plants are natural air purifiers

Plants can help cleanse the air and are known for their air purifying qualities. They raise the humidity in the air by releasing water as moisture vapour which can help protect us from getting dry coughs and throats.

Eucalyptus for example has the ability to clear congestion while peace lily’s help circulate the movement of air.

2.    The can help reduce stress and improve wellbeing

Studies have shown that a plant near your work desk can help lower stress levels and fatigue. The beauty of plants can also add to feelings of happiness and contentment. There have even been studies to show that patients in hospital benefit from having plants in view.  

Plants like bonsais for example can also be used for art therapy by pruning the leaves and wiring the branches to create beautiful living designs.


3.    They can complement or enhance your interior design

Plants add colour, texture and movement to your home, adding to the overall décor and atmosphere you want to create!  

As well as the plants themselves, you can make the most of different plant pots and stands to create a focal point in a room and even upcycle your pots every few months to refresh a room.

4.    Make sleeping a breeze

The scents of aloe vera and lavender can create a soothing effect, reduce anxiety and contribute to a better mood and quality of sleep.

5.    They are inexpensive

Indoor plants are relatively inexpensive and can be a great way to breathe new life into your home on a budget.  They are also long lasting with some plants like ferns living to over 100 years old. Now that’s a good investment!

To find out more about indoor plants, you can visit Dundonald Nurseries at 70 Old Dundonald Road, Belfast and follow them on social media. Dundonald Nurseries is also home to a 125-seater restaurant, a function space and a retail outlet with children’s, ladies’, and gents’ clothing alongside an extensive range of gifts and homeware.

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