Mobile Banking FAQs

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Mobile Banking FAQs

Welcome to AIB (NI)'s frequently asked questions. Whatever you want to find out about our Mobile Banking you will find it here. Just select from the list below.

  • Do I need to register to use the Mobile Banking App?

    No, AIB (NI) Mobile Banking is available to all customers who have registered for Online and Phoneline Banking. You can log into Mobile Banking using your existing eight digit registration number and five digit Personal Access Code (PAC) during initial set up of the App. For every subsequent log in on that device you will only need to enter three random digits of your PAC.

  • How do I access the Mobile Banking App on my touch screen smartphone?

    We have specially designed our app for iPhone and Android™ mobile handsets. It is easy to download and available from the App Store and Google Play™.


    For other smartphone users our Online Banking is responsive and resizes to suit each device.


  • What do I require to access the Mobile Banking App?

    To access AIB (NI) Mobile Banking our customers require:


    1. Either an iPhone running on iOS 11 or above, or an Android phone running on version 8.0 or above
    2. The AIB (NI) Mobile App downloaded from the App store® or Google Play™ store
    3. Log on details for AIB (NI) Online Services
    4. An internet connection

    Customer connectivity to AIB (NI) Mobile Banking, using the mobile phone signal, will depend on the telecom provider's mobile / wi-fi / broadband network speed. This may vary depending on:


    1. The number of customers accessing the mobile provider's network at any given time.
    2. Whether the phone is receiving a 3G or 4G signal from the mobile provider's network.
    3. The type of phone, operating system and/or browser being used.


    If you encounter any problem with your mobile phone internet connection, you should contact your mobile network provider /broadband or wi-fi service provider.

  • Is the Mobile Banking App secure?


    Yes. Mobile Banking is a secure, safe and convenient way to manage your money on the go. The service provides the same high level of security as you enjoy on Online Banking.

    When you initially set up, enter your eight digit registration number followed by three random digits from your PAC (Personal Access Code). After this initial set up process you will only need to enter three random digits from your PAC at each subsequent log in. The set up process for the App will securely link your registration number to your mobile phone. You can unregister your registration number from your phone within the App or via Online Banking.



    To ensure you can access your accounts via the internet with the utmost confidence, we use the highest levels of industry standard security. As part of this security we use 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to protect your information.


    The Mobile Banking App will automatically log you out after four minutes of inactivity. You must be actively browsing to stay connected (i.e. switching between accounts).


    This feature aims to protect you against unauthorised access. You will need to log in again if you wish to continue using the Mobile Banking App.


  • What services are available on the Mobile Banking App?

    Mobile Banking offers you a number of convenient services on your mobile. You will be able to:

    • Check your account balances
    • View recent transactions on your account
    • View your available funds
    • View pending debit card transactions
    • Transfer money to your own accounts and to any UK bank or building society*
    • Pay your bills*
    • One time log in - provides you with the flexibility to log in to the App on a device without registering your details to that device.  You’ll be asked for your registration number and three random digits from your PAC each time you log in as your registration number will not be stored on the device
    • Quick Balance – allows you to view up to two account balances, by holding down the ‘Quick Balance’ button on the log in page, without the need to log in to the App. When logging into the App for the first time you will be given the option to set up Quick Balance and to choose the account(s) you wish to register. This can be amended or switched off at any time within the App
    • You will be able to view and cancel your Direct debits via the Mobile App
    • Report credit or debit cards lost or stolen, or replace damaged cards
    • You will be able to view, amend (the amount, account name, sender or receiver messages) and cancel your Standing orders via the Mobile App
    • View your statements
    • You can get your login details, or reset your PAC if you’ve forgotten it
    • Share your BIC, IBAN, Sort Code and Account Number


    *The beneficiary or biller must already be set up on Online Banking to transfer/pay via Mobile Banking.


    Please Note: For access to other Online Banking features (e.g. add a biller, add a payee, make a one-off bill payment etc.) you will need to access the full Online Banking service from your browser.

    If you encounter any difficulties with using these services, simply call Phoneline Banking on 0345 793 0000, log in and choose option zero (0) and one of our Customer Service Advisers will be happy to help you. Our advisers are available between 8am and 12am (Midnight), 7 days a week.


    If you encounter any problem with your mobile phone internet connection, you should contact your mobile network provider.

  • What is Quick Balance?


    Quick Balance is an optional feature that allows you to view the account balance and available funds of up to two of your selected accounts without logging in.


    We recommend you keep your phone locked to prevent others from viewing your balance.


  • Can I switch off the Quick Balance feature?

    Yes, Quick Balance can be switched on and off as often as you like. To change your ‘Quick Balance’ setting go to the Services menu within the App and select ‘App settings’.



    You can also change the accounts that you select for Quick Balance.


  • I have lost my phone, can I unregister my registration number from the phone?

    Log into Online Banking, select ‘Services & Settings’ and then ‘Manage my Devices’.  This screen will show you a list of devices that your registration number is linked to. 


    Select the ‘Remove’ button and follow the onscreen instructions to unregister.  Once your phone is unregistered it will no longer retain the quick balance functionality and access to your mobile App with your registration number. 


    We strongly advise that you unregister your phone if you have lost it.

  • I need to log into another profile with a different registration number, how do I do this?

    When you open the App, before entering your PAC, select the icon on the top right corner of the screen to access ‘One time login’.


    Once you have entered the eight digit registration number and three random PAC digits you will have access to the App.  When you log out your details will not be stored on the phone.


    Remember if you give your phone to a friend/family member to use one time login, they could see your balance if you have quick balance switched on.

  • What is my ‘Balance’?

    The account balances you will see are your statement balances at that time, with the exception of the accounts below.


    Balances for your Credit Cards and Asset Finance Account balances are updated up to close of business on the previous banking day.


    The balance includes cheques that have not yet cleared, but will not include any pending transactions that you have authorised which have not yet been debited from your account.

  • What are ‘Pending Transactions’?

    The ‘Pending Transactions’ section displays Visa debit card transactions which you have made that have not yet been debited from your account.


    Most Visa debit card transactions are debited within several days.  However, the timeline can vary for each transaction depending on how the retailer/merchant processes it. As a result there may be some Visa debit card transactions which you have made that are not yet displayed on this screen.


    You must ensure you have sufficient funds in your account to cover any Visa debit card transactions you make.

  • What does ‘Available Funds’ mean?

    'Available Funds' is the amount you can transfer or withdraw from your account.


    If you have an agreed overdraft limit with us, your 'Available Funds' will not include the amount of your overdraft, however you can still use the funds from your overdraft limit when transferring or withdrawing from your account. The amount of your overdraft limit will appear underneath your 'Available Funds'.


    Pending Transactions that you have made but have not yet been taken from your account may reduce your available funds, as will any uncleared amounts paid into your account such as cheques.

  • Where can I find the Foreign Currency Note Rates and Calculator?

    You can find the Foreign Currency Note Rates and Calculator on our website.

  • Where can I find information on Branch and Cash Machine locations?

    You can find information about our Branches including address and opening hours on our website.

    You can find the location of the nearest cash machine by using the Link ATM Locator.

  • Can I manage my Cards via Mobile Banking?

    Yes you can. Simply log into your Mobile Banking app and our new ‘Cards’ section will allow you to;


    Immediately cancel and order a replacement card should your current card get lost or stolen


    Report your card damaged. This will order a replacement while allowing you to use your current card until the replacement arrives.


  • How to update your operating system (OS) - Android

    1. Make sure your device is connected to Wi-Fi. 

    2. Open Settings. 

    3. Select About Phone. 

    4. Tap Check for Updates. If an update is available, an Update button will appear. Tap it. 

    5. Install. Depending on the OS, you'll see Install Now, Reboot and install, or Install System Software. Tap it.

  • How to update your operating system (OS) - iOS

    1.  Open Settings

    2. Tap General.

    3. Tap Software Update. It's at the top of the menu.

    4. Tap Download and Install or Install Now.

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If you have forgotten your Online Banking login details and are unable to access these services you can get back online in minutes using the ‘Trouble logging in?’ link available on the Mobile Banking app login page. Simply follow the on screen instructions to receive a reminder of your Registration Number and/or select a new Personal Access Code (PAC).