Pay a Bill FAQs

How do I pay a bill?

You can pay bills from your accounts to a wide range of companies by selecting ‘Pay an Existing Bill’ or ‘Pay a New Bill’. New bill details are automatically saved to your ‘Payees’ list.

You cannot pay bills from your Visa card or Mastercard with us to any companies in the following categories:

  • Credit card
  • Charge card
  • Finance
  • Life and pensions
  • Personal loans

Before you select ‘Confirm’ to complete your payment, make sure the details you have entered are correct. Once confirmed, the payment will go out of your AIB (NI) account immediately.

  • If you are paying your Visa card or Mastercard account with us, the payment will go into the account on the same banking day.
  • If you are paying a bill to another company, the payment will normally be received within two hours but no later than the next banking day. 

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