Contactless payments



If there is a Contactless symbol  located on the front of your card, then your card is enabled for Contactless payments.



Contactless and Mobile Payments - Make easy and secure payments in seconds


Mobile Payments refer to payment services that can be performed using your mobile device.

You can pay for your purchases quickly and securely using contactless, and participating digital wallets* (such as Apple Pay and Google Pay™).

Simply touch and pay for items that cost £30 or less with your card or device. For items over £30 you can pay using your device depending on the retailer.

Here's how it works



How do I get started?


Card: To activate contactless  on your new card, complete a Chip and PIN or cash machine transaction and then you're good to go. Every now and then we’ll ask you to insert your card and do a Chip and PIN transaction instead as an extra security check. 


Digital Wallet*: Download the chosen Wallet app from your App Store, some devices may have a digital wallet pre-loaded. Add your debit or personal credit card and follow the on-screen instructions.

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*Digital Wallet means any electronic payment system which stores your Digital Card for the purposes of carrying out Transactions.

You must ensure that there are available funds in your account to cover the value of any card transaction or your transaction may be declined and you may incur additional charges. 


For debit card customers please see our price list for Personal customers or the price list for Business customers for more details of fees and charges that apply to the debit card.


For credit card customers please see the credit card fees and charges for Personal customers and for Business customers please see the summary box for more information.



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