Use AIB (NI) Mobile Banking App to confirm it’s you

If you are registered for Online and Phoneline Banking, the AIB (NI) Mobile Banking App is the easiest way to confirm it’s you when you’re shopping online.

When you are shopping online and we need to confirm it’s you using the card, we will ask you to check your phone. We’ll send a message through the mobile app (this is called a push notification) and in a few taps you can confirm your purchase.

We will know you are registered, you just need to have the latest version and notifications turned on for the app.

You can check your notifications by going into your settings app on your device, select AIB (NI) Mobile Banking App and make sure notifications are turned on. This may be a little different depending on which device you have.

How to confirm it’s you using the AIB (NI) Mobile Banking App

You need to have the most up to date version of AIB (NI) Mobile Banking App.  

  1. When you shop online we will send you a notification to confirm it’s you.
  2. Tap on the notification and follow the steps.
  3. You can also confirm your purchase through the app itself. Just log into the app and follow the steps.
  4. When you go back to the shopping site, you may need to press ‘I have approved in my app’ before your purchase is confirmed.



How to confirm your purchase using the Mobile App



How to confirm your purchase using the Mobile app