Online Banking FAQs

Time and Date Stamp

Each time you log in to Online Banking we will display the details of your last log in.

This is an additional security measure that we have taken to ensure that you know if someone has fraudulently accessed your accounts online.

The details shown are the date and time on which you last accessed the service. It is important that you check your last log in every time you log in. It will be displayed in the top navigation bar as indicated below.

If you are suspicious of the last log in shown and do not recall logging in to Online Banking on that date, please call our Phoneline Banking service on 0345 793 0000, log in and choose option 0 to speak to a Customer Service Adviser. Our advisers are available between 9am and 5pm Monday to Sunday (excluding Bank Holidays). 

Time and Date Stamp

Balances FAQs

Direct debits FAQs

You can now view your direct debits online and cancel those that are no longer required.